Monday, November 25, 2013

Make the Yuletide Gay

I'm participating in the "Make the Yuletide Gay" event over at Keira Andrews' website, giving away copies of my two holiday-themed stories.


Stop by for lots of great stuff, including "Third Night" on November 27 and "Noche Buena" on December 10.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Entertainment Director

Current position: Entertainment Director for two-year-old golden retriever puppy
Duties include:

  • long walks with frequent breaks for sniffing and/or territory marking
  • belly rubs
  • tug-a-rope
  • fetch
  • ear scratching
  • regular reminders that he is "a good boy"
Salary: $0

Benefits: Unconditional love

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Realtor's Best Friend

Nancy Jarvis talks about her favorite supporting character, Dave Everett.

1.) What made you create this character? 

I write cozy style mysteries with a Realtor protagonist named Regan McHenry. She comes across the occasional body selling houses---she and her husband even bought a house with a partially mummified body in it---and she has friends and clients who sometimes find themselves in a mess. She’s a bit of a meddler, but it’s not reasonable to think she could stroll into the police station, sit down with a cop, and ask to be filled in on what’s happening in a murder investigation she finds interesting. Enter her best friend, Dave Everett.
His official title is Santa Cruz Police and Community Relations Ombudsman. He used to be a cop until he lost an eye in a shootout with a criminal. He was going to be forced into an early retirement, but  convinced the police department that, since Santa Cruz police and the community at large don’t always see eye to eye, they needed him to handle the media, public relations, and help out with paperwork and anything else that could be done from a desk.
He’s a meddler, too, or rather a slightly bored ex-cop who seems to have his fingers in many law enforcement pies and insinuates himself, at least verbally, into many investigations, and through him, Regan can get information she needs.

2.) What makes this character special to you?

When I started writing, all my characters began as people I knew; I began outlining them using their real names. They quickly got renamed as they were developed and took on their own personalities …all except for Dave, my real one eyed former cop friend. He got a new last name and a new job, got blended with my twin cousins who were cops and the local police officer who does media interviews, but Dave is still the one I visualize as I write his character.
Although my real Dave says he doesn’t sound at all like Dave Everett, he does. He and I don’t tease one another the way Dave and Regan do, and I make up what I call his “Daveisms,” but Dave really could say them . Here’s an example: “I think you’re right about him being a bully, and bullies don’t usually make waves once they run into bigger, badder dogs…I wouldn’t lose sleep over tinfoil momma’s baby boy.” (You so could say something like that, Dave.)
I love writing him and coming up with phrases he would use. Dave has evolved; he’s not my friend any longer, but he really has become Regan’s best friend which makes him special to me.
3.) Do you have more planned for this character?
Dave will always have a prominent place in Reagan McHenry real estate mysteries. In the  book I’m just finishing writing, The Widow’s Walk League, I intended for him to have a smaller role, but he wouldn’t stand for it. Sometimes he talks to me as I write and demands more lines. He’s constantly frustrated by Regan’s foibles---it’s worth it to let him have his way because it’s fun for me to watch him get agitated.

Find out more about Nancy at her website.