Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Setting up Readings

I've started trying to set up readings for Mahu. Fortunately, my first opportunity dropped in my lap. I got my MFA from Florida International University here in Miami, and have been invited to join a group reading of alumni and students on Friday, September 30. The reading will be at Books & Books in Coral Gables, our local literary bookstore, and a real supporter of local writers.

That made it easier when I called Books & Books to set up my own reading-- the woman I spoke with already recognized my name. Since I'm already going to be reading at the Coral Gables store, I decided to have my own reading at the store on Lincoln Road on Miami Beach. The store isn't as large, but it's got a great location and there's a large gay population on the beach. I'll be there Tuesday August 30 at 8 pm.

I wish it had been so easy at Borders. I'm waiting to hear if Mahu is in their system-- or will be. If they aren't selling the book, I can't have a reading there. They have a large store at the edge of Wilton Manors, a big gay neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, with a nice reading space on the second floor. I was really hoping to have my launch party there on a Saturday night at the end of August, after school has started and everyone I know is back in town.

I went to their website, which is run by, and got no results when searching for my name. However, at the bottom of the page it said there were 2 results in books-- which I believe must have come from Amazon's database, not Borders'. I am in the database at Barnes & Noble. Right now you can buy an advance review copy from some guy on Long Island.

I may end up at the Barnes & Noble down the street from Borders-- which wouldn't be bad. They have a lovely store, too, and a big selection of gay & lesbian books. But I think this is all the readings I'll set up for now, unless another opportunity presents itself.

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